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“Your filters are great so far. Better than the ones from my previous supplier. I think I will stick with yours next time. I will reach out to you for new orders.” – Satisfied Winemaker Using Membrane & Prefilter Cartridges From Legacy


We want to be your filter expert.

Our Expertise
Legacy Filters is a niche filter distributor providing users of microfiltration products with specialized, high service levels and the attention you deserve. If your filter is finer than 40 micron and most typically finer than 5 micron, you will find your filter here. You’ll share the expertise of a filter-only specialist focused all day long on helping people with their filter solutions
Bringing you the best.
Legacy brings you the best brands in the business. Quality, documentation, performance, repeatability all matched with unparalleled Legacy Filters service.
Which Filter?

What is the best filter match for your process? Take advantage of a wealth of specialized filter knowledge in process filtration design and troubleshooting and decades of experience. Contact Legacy Filters.

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Phone: 616.901.2437
Email: dell.todd@legacyfilters.com
Grand Rapids MI

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We provide:

  • Cartridge Filtration
  • Bagfilters
  • Vessels
  • Expertise

Contact Us

Phone:  616.901.2437
Email:  dell.todd@legacyfilters.com

Grand Rapids MI